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Editorial Policy, the most trusted source for CBD news and industry updates, strives to support CBD and the legal marijuana community across the world. We provide accurate and in-depth news-stories regarding CBD, health science, medicinal marijuana and much more. Our news-stories are thoroughly fact-checked. Our articles are accurate and complete at the time they are published.

We perform regular updates to keep our materials pertinent and fresh. That means we may delete content when necessary or provide updates to existing material. We aim to maintain high journalistic standards to provide unique and quality articles and news to our readers. When writing for us, you agree to these terms and understand that if you don’t follow them, your article could be rejected by us. You will enter a contract with us that will demand your written agreement to this policy.

►We expect all articles to be 100% original. They should pass plagiarism checks. The writer should only send ‘never-published-before’ content for approval by our editors. Articles that have been plagiarized or spun from a pre-published article will be rejected.

►All the articles you write should contain value for our readers. Your article should have a definite objective that must be followed to provide value. We aim to provide articles that can present the latest news to our readers. All the articles should be completely unbiased.

►No article should contain any claims or information about a company/person for marketing or promotional purposes. The title, subheadings and the content of your articles should always remain straight-forward and unbiased. You should not link any article that promotes a company/person. We strongly discourage the use of promotional/marketing links in our articles.

►Be mindful of the fact that our readers are not the general public but people who are genuinely interested in CBD industry. Therefore, understand our readers before writing an article for them.

►The acceptance of the article is solely dependent on the editorial board. Our editors can accept or reject without an explanation. When an article is accepted, we will intimidate you with our decision. Each decision by the board will be final and binding to all the writers.

►While writing news for us, make sure that you are verifying it with all credible sources. Even though we have smaller timelines for publication of news on our platform, we find it essential to focus on the authenticity of each news post before publication. Make sure that empirical evidence is available for each of the news articles and data presented in the post.

We expect you to follow this editorial policy for creating high-quality content for our readers. If you have any query related to our editorial policy you can reach our editorial team via email: