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CBD Telegram Team

Bob Smith
Bob Smith has completed his graduation as neuroscientist and specializes in vape circuitry. He is also a physician and guides his patients on various health issues. He writes medical blogs in his free time.
Madison Jackson
Madison Jackson is a writer and a blogger. She loves to explore new medical terms and research on them. She is passionate about the medical herbs and educates people about it via her blogs.
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia is a forensic expert and expertises in various drugs. She has great knowledge of cannabis and still researches on cannabinoid circuitry. She writes latest news on cannabis and guides our team of content writers for the same.
Mary Rodriguez
Mary Rodriguez has completed her graduation in Chemistry and expertises in hemp analysis. She has 7 years of experience as drug analyst with our firm.She also loves writing medical blogs.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith has 10 years of experience in academic research. He worked as a physician for 5 years and having keen interest marijuana drug , he started researching on it to expertise the drug. He writes contents for marijuana news and posts for our team.