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Everything that You Should Know About Marijuana

About Marijuana

Marijuana refers to the dried, green- brown mix of flowers, leaves, and stems of the
plant cannabis. Marijuana is usually smoked in a cigarette form or is put in hollowed cigars,
water pipes, pipes, etc. Taking marijuana through vaporizer is the recent trend these days. Some
people like to mix it in their edibles and brew it in a tea.

The psychoactive compound present in marijuana is THC. When a person smokes marijuana,
THC goes from the lungs to the bloodstream from where it goes to the brain and other organs.
THC then connects with the nerve cells controlling sensory perception and pleasure. THC affects
the thinking, memory, concentration, and coordination of the person, which leaves the unwanted
side-effects like a problem with learning, loss of concentration, distorted perception, etc.

There are short term effects too like increase in the appetite, reduction in inhibitions, and feeling
drowsy. Long term effects, on the other hand, causes changes in the brain functioning like
remembering the task, paying attention, and multitasking. It also affects the fertility in humans
leading to reduced sperm count in men and delayed or no ovulation in women. Pregnant women
ingesting marijuana during gestation may most likely give birth to babies having behavioral
problems and developmental issues. Additionally, marijuana affects the respiratory and immune
system of the body.

CBD present in marijuana is one of the most popular compounds these days due to its immense
health benefits. Dosage of marijuana, when taken in a controlled manner, can prove to be
beneficial for health.

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