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Artificial Intelligence; A Boon to the Cannabis Industry

Artificial Intelligence for Cannabis Industry

A lot of research and analysis has come up with an estimate that shows that the cannabis industry is likely to grow in the longer run. But still, the industry is facing a lot of challenges, and that’s not just about changing the laws and regulations for the industry, there’s many more to it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possibly the biggest help. The Cannabis Industry is not a sector that adopts new technologies. But this might change with time as soon as there are investors who will invest billions of dollars into this space. Artificial Intelligence has invaded our society like a thief in the night. Initially, it was just an idea which was speculated to not last any longer, and a moment later, it was in homes across the globe. From having self-driven cars to robots to data programs for analytics, predicting financial models, etc. It is almost a part of every market sector, then how can we think, it cannot enter the Cannabis Industry as well? The cannabis industry is definitely growing at a faster pace, and you can get the most recent updates from cannabis news today to know more about the most recent happenings taking place in this industry.

Like all industries need, the cannabis market needs efficiency, streamlining, organizing making predictions, etc. The Artificial Industry comes with all such benefits. Since marijuana is legalized in various parts of the globe, it has gradually become one of the most growing industries. With the infusion of cannabis with honey, sweets, and soft drinks, the legalization of this drug has impacted the cannabis market with a remarkable profit surge, and companies are now planning to capitalize on it.

AI and Digital technology have been developed to be used in various forms in the cannabis industry. AI technology has been working to improve marijuana plant growth and come with new and innovative ways to make the purchase of cannabis products. The advancement in digital and AI technology is bringing a steady revolution in the marijuana industry from production to sales.

This is How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Cannabis Industry

The Trending AI-Powered Cannabis App

The recently launched AI-powered apps are the growing trend in the cannabis industry. An application named Uppy is a medical cannabis application that is created by Namaste Technologies. This application makes use of artificial intelligence technology to track and check upon the medical needs of its users. The application with AI technology allows the firms to understand the suitable cannabis products for the patient and provide them with proper and accurate treatment.

Facial Recognition to Reduce the Chances of Robbery

There are approximately 33 states in America to legalize the use of marijuana as medicines. The medical cannabis dispensaries widely carry out the supply of medical marijuana in these states, enabling the patients to avail the cannabis-based on the prescriptions. But, these dispensaries are at high risk of getting robbed since the cannabis market is a cash-based industry. The AI-powered facial recognition technology is established at the medical marijuana dispensaries to make the sale a little more secure and enable patients to get their prescriptions as safely as possible.

Keep A Track of Seed to Sale

Artificial Intelligence and advanced technology are not just implemented to track the purchase and security, but it is primarily aiming to keep track of the entire process from seed to sale. Companies like Ample Organics have worked on developing the AI-powered platforms to keep track of the entire process from seed to sale. Platforms like this are offering services from smart harvesting to keep track of plants along with management of prescription and control of inventory intelligence. Using this technology, companies can know about the best time for harvesting.

Delivery Apps for Cannabis

The recent development in the cannabis delivery application has been benefitting immensely to connect customers and legal cannabis retailers. Eaze is a cannabis delivery company, which is one such example of using this technology wisely. Eaze offers a range of extraordinary products with quick and easy delivery. Eaze has been using AI to collect accurate information to predict the requirements and the demand and supply of products.

Today the cannabis industry can be described as pioneering. After getting legalized in some parts of the globe, the industry has witnessed rapid growth. And since the industry is growing, innovators, cultivators, and scientists are working hard to keep the growth consistent for this ever-expanding commercial market.

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