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Should You be Using CBD?

Using CBD

CBD is everywhere – in the pharmacy, in the supermarket and even in the pet shop. The use of CBD has spawned recently, and new CBD-infused products are introduced every day. There is a lot of buzz around CBD as it is considered to be an easy remedy for everything from pain to dementia, from cancer to insomnia.

Before diving right into the trend, it gets highly important to know that there is a lot of confusion about the legality surrounding CBD. The federal government has classified Cannabis and all the ingredients derived from it as a schedule 1 drug, which means they are not accepted for medical use. However, there are slow changes in regulation from last year. Last June, FDA approved Epidolex derived from CBD, for the treatment of different types of seizures.

However, the status of CBD as a consumer product still remains under the covers. The FDA has sent the warning letters to retailers who are blindly advertising CBD products for its countless health benefits. There are misleading claims which new studies are proving wrong. Another concern regarding CBD is that most of the preclinical research is done on the animals, and we have no idea how the human body is going to react with it.

It doesn’t mean that CBD may not turn out to be beneficial medically or we should completely ignore the experiences of the people who say that CBD has helped them with their ailments. It just means that we should gain a little more understanding of CBD’s health benefits.

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