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Synthetic CBD – A New Future in Pharmaceuticals

CBD in Pharmaceuticals

Looking at the market trends, it’s evident that the demand for the CBD in the health industry is going to rise tremendously. This has increased the need for creating a synthetic form of CBD which is not derived from a plant source but is prepared in the lab.

The idea behind cooking up the CBD in the laboratory is intriguing because the human body needs cannabinoids, and it doesn’t matter from where it comes from. Synthetic CBD can cut down the major cost of growing the plant, and it can accelerate the procedure of getting FDA approval. The companies that would be able to create the synthetic CBD will get the major edge in the CBD market.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound which has a simple molecular formula and synthesizing it is not a very complex process. Medicinal use of CBD is still in its infancy, and a lot is needed to be done in the same sector. It’s not far when we would see synthetic CBD revolutionizing the medicine industry. In the future, many Pharma companies will be experimenting with CBD and bringing out a completely new treatment by combining it with other compounds to treat a myriad of medical health conditions.

Recently scientists from the University of California were successful in creating cannabis compounds in the lab with the help of yeast by the process of biosynthesis. Many companies are in the race to create the synthetic CBD in their laboratory due to its low cost and ease of producing in bulk. Synthetic CBD will fix the regulatory hurdles that currently, producers are experiencing.

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